COVID Prevention

Safety measures when practicing Yoga with us

  • We will measure your temperature upon arrival
  • Please always keep a safe distance of 1m+ when walking around the centre
  • Masks are mandatory, except during practice
  • Please sanitize your hands upon arrival, before practicing and when you leave our Centre
  • Advance booking is mandatory a whatsapp to 347 696 1312
  • Maximum 8 (minimum 3) people per class. We have arranged the mats in such a way as to ensure social distancing is maintained
  • Please bring your own mat. We can store it for you ONLY if you leave it in a bag with name and phone number
  • At the end of each class, we kindly ask you to sanitize, with the sprayers provided, your space in the yoga room and any belts or bricks you may have used
  • We will have only one changing room with a maximum of 3 people together at any one time. Coats must be hung on the railings, while clothes will need to be placed in a bag and put on one of the available a stools
  • The bathroom will be open but without the use of the shower and sprayers will be available to sanitize before and / or after use
  • The centre will be sanitized daily before the start of each class

Thank you very much for your cooperation and enjoy your practice!


Thank you for your cooperation

and enjoy your practice with us!