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Alessandro Niccolai began his career as a photographer. After traveling extensively around the world, he settled for a few years in Japan where he started to deepen his interest in the culture and traditions of the East. In this period he began practicing martial arts and then Tai Chi Chuan, which soon became the focus of his life. Alessandro practices and teaches Tai Chi Chuan from the Yang family. He studied in Italy with the national leader of the Cheng Man Ching style, the master Biondi, with whom he attended the Instructor course. He also attended seminars in Italy, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam, with masters Ken Van Sickle, William Nelson, Nils Klug, Liu Suibin, Eddie Wu, Nguyen, and with teacher Rosa Chen. He teaches in Pistoia and in Florence. He also studied Chinese tuina, moxa and cupping massage.