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Massages and Holistic Treatments

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM)

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM) is a unique system of body work that combines deep tissue massage with coordinated breathing and yoga stretching.

Deep tissue massage helps remove knots and adhesions in muscles and soft tissue, releases tension, and prepares the recipient’s body for assisted yoga stretching.
This discipline uses passive yoga exercises (stretching) to increase joint mobility and ligament flexibility; therefore it is an excellent motor rehabilitation tool. It also uses a very ancient technique which, by applying pressure to the back, arms and legs, gives relaxation to the deep muscles and has a beneficial effect of irritation of blood circulation, delaying the aging process.

Ayurvedic-yoga massage is a more or less gentle manipulation treatment whose purpose is to promote good circulation of vital fluids to keep body and mind healthy and always look young and healthy. Ayurvedic-yoga massage causes a feeling of general well-being that acts on a psychophysical level, above all removing the symptoms of a stressful and unregulated life such as anxiety, stomach pains and neck and back muscle tension.

The method is proposed as a complete therapy for the whole body and mind, bringing immediate benefits on a physical, psychological and energetic level.

Holistic Massagge

Holistic massage is a relaxing and anti-stress massage that leads to an optimal psycho-physical balance.
Daniele specializes in holistic, Californian, Hawaiian, Indian, bioemotional and reiki massage. Through his experience and sensitivity he is able to listen to the needs of the recipient, calibrating the enveloping force of his hands.


Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese art of listening and supporting the person through a silent dialogue mediated by the operator’s hands on the receiver’s body with deep but respectful pressures, mobilization of the joints and gradual and slow stretching. In case of anxiety, stress and insomnia it promotes relaxation of the body and nervous system, regulates breathing by promoting the movement of blocked energies and a new connection with oneself.
Effective in the presence of symptoms of the musculoskeletal system: relaxes muscle tension and stiffness, loosens the joints.

It has beneficial effects on the nervous, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular and muscular systems.

Shiatsu is a path of awareness and awakening of ancient memories kept by the body.

Craniosacral Biodynamics

Craniosacral Biodynamics considers the system in its entirety, which is the natural condition of One: illness, discomfort, fear are perceived as fragmentation of the human being and lead to forgetfulness of the Self.
Biodynamics is a very delicate and versatile treatment, which is based on finding the balance that is already part of us.

During the treatment, the recipient lies down fully dressed on a bed and the operator delicately places his hands on the different parts of the body and tunes in with the person by listening to him through contact.

We turn to biodynamics for physical problems due to trauma or illness, as well as for difficulties related to the psychic sphere.


The main purpose of Reiki is to bring well-being, harmony, peace and joy to the bodies that make us up: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
Reiki energy goes to support the natural healing process, reharmonizing what can be identified as blockage, tension, pain or inflammation.

Being a holistic art, the approach is to always look at the individual in its entirety and complexity, so that there is no treatment of a single part, but a strengthening of the whole body and of the whole energy system of the person .

Receiving a Reiki treatment is an evolutionary and personal growth experience as well as being a moment of well-being and physical, emotional, mental and spiritual recovery.

The treatment takes place through the touch of the operator’s hands, and the immediate perception is that of a warmth that envelops and calms, relaxes and soothes. It often happens that you fall asleep during the treatment, a reaction that the body has to allow the Reiki energy to flow in all its power.

What is perceived after the treatment is a generalized sensation of recharge throughout the body. Thoughts are softer and calmer, the mind serene, the body relaxed and supported, the heart at peace.

Sounds and Gong Bath

The Gong Bath is a unique, personal and indescribable experience.
During the session through the Gongs, the Tibetan bells, the rain pole and many other shamanic The Gong Bath is a unique, personal and indescribable experience.
During the session through the gongs, the Tibetan bells, the rain pole and many other shamanic instruments, you will be immersed in a rich field of harmonic sounds that lead to a state of deep meditative relaxation.
The Gong Bath helps rebalance the subtle energy field.
The powerful vibrations will help you release stress, let your emotions flow, and become aware of your needs.
Gong Baths have a regenerating power. Its powerful vibrations cannot leave you indifferent. To induce relaxation you will receive the Gong Bath lying on the mat. The center provides the mats that we sanitize every time after use. You will need to bring a blanket as the body can get cold during the session.

Elisa Guerrini offers group sessions once a month during the full moon and individual or small private group sessions. It also offers private sound massage sessions.

Finally, once a month at the Yoga Shala, special gentle Yoga or Yin Yoga group sessions are organized combined with Gongs and bells: we combine sound, shamanic instruments, Tibetan bells, vibrations of the Gongs with the physical practice connected to the breath in order to amplify both the benefits of Yoga and those of sound vibrations. It is a practice accessible to all, doesn’t matter your level and your body shape. Gon Yoga is an effective and gentle method that brings numerous benefits.
When you leave the mat you will feel that you have embarked on a personal journey. Yoga combined with vibrations will take you to a deep meditative state. Through the postures, the sound will enter even more into the body, amplifying the effects of both.
Yoga with Sound Bath and Gong is a practice that nourishes the physical body, subtle body, mind and spirit. You will be immersed in a rich field of harmonic sounds that lead to a state of deep meditative relaxation

Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology is an ancient discipline that prevents and maintains the psychophysical state in balance.

Energetic Feet Reflexology is an holistic, natural technique that uses acupressure to stimulate the psychophysical well-being of our body. It’s not painful, on the contrary it’s relaxing and rebalancing.
In plantar reflexology the feet are taken into consideration in three modalities: the organic part (the sole of the foot) where we find the reflex organs, the energetic part (the back of the foot) and the psychosomatic or morphological part (the fingers and nails where we have also the exchange of polarities of the meridians).

According to TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) certain areas of the feet correspond to specific areas of the body such as organs, nerves, joints, etc.