Meditation is an ancient practice that is becoming increasingly important for modern life. Learning to watch one’s own mind and the bubbling thoughts; then detaching from it all, without judgement nor reaction. The mind becomes one pointed and one learns to live an active life with awareness and calmness, in harmony with others and with nature. Meditation is the essence of Yoga.

“If you understand your spiritual needs, you understand that it has nothing to do with East or West. Practice, learn and deepen your yoga exercises, they are your companion until the end of your life. Nobody can take away the inner values which you can tune into the cosmic reality. Just sit and connect with the cosmic Self, the immutable energy of nature which is always within you. Ask yourself honestly: “Who am I?”, and open up to the possibility that you are something else than what you thought yourself to be. This is where the inner path begins, you realise that, so far, the subconscious had been dominant and now the arduous work of sublimation can start, which means to bring, with the help of the intellect, positivity into the conscious mind.”