“Yoga is the art of right living“

Yoga and Meditation Teacher (500 RYT) Elisa has been practicing yoga since 2003. Initially for the pleasure of moving and being well. Over the years she continued and deepened the practice and philosophy together with a ‘teacher student of Vanda Scaravelli and until 2018 with Silvia Sferlazzo student of Donna Holleman. In 2019 she specialized in Yoga Bambini with the Balyayoga method. In 2020 she completed teacher training at Samadhi Yoga Florence school. She is currently training as a Feminine Practitioner with Liladevi Maria Laura Bonfanti. Today she teaches at various centers in Florence and online imparting: – group classes with Anukalana approach – individual classes specific to the person’s needs – gentle gymnastics over 60 – children’s yoga – Masterclasses and in-depth seminars

Marina Kalyani Pieri Marina fell in love with yoga during a vacation in Thailand in 2009. She trained in fashion communication, advertising and media and is a former European advertising manager. After 13 years of full-time career as a manager in a famous multinational company, she decided to leave the race for success to embark on a trip to India which also led her to study and deepen different yoga traditions and techniques. Following her passion, she has completed several teacher training courses and seminars of different styles and approaches over the years including: Hatha Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Vinyasa, Power yoga, Yin yoga, Iyengar, Meditation, Pranayama, Kirtan & Chanting, Ayurvedic yoga massage. Italian by birth, she spent six years in India, one year in the ashram where she began teaching. With 1000 hours of teaching, she offers beginner and intermediate classes, retreats, workshops, one-to-one, online/live group classes that integrate alignment and breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation and chanting. Marina has the ability to adapt to the needs of individuals and groups. Her classes are effective and detailed and she creates a safe space to encourage and challenge you in equal measure. Bhakti yoga, the devotional aspect of yoga, is another great passion of hers that she integrates into her retreats and workshops. Kalyani is the name she received in the ashram which started her spiritual journey. Yoga has given Marina the confidence to make big life changes that she is so grateful for and embrace a life that is more suited to the way she wants to live. She lives between India and Greece. Language skills: Italian (fluent), English (fluent), French (fluent).

  Lorena Vedelago started practicing Yoga in 2008 making of yoga her lifestyle. In 2012 she started teaching Hatha Yoga and practicing in the Anusara method attending regular courses and workshops with world-renowned teachers. In 2019 she obtained the qualification for teaching Anusara Elments. In 2021 she enrolled in a Yin Yoga Training with Dhugal Meachem. Furthermore, during her studies she gained knowledge in various other fields like flower therapy, cellular reprogramming, Reiki, astrology and tarot cards.

Monica Gala (Devi) – Hatha Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yoga, Anusara Elements – approached yoga in 2002 and starting from 2012, she began to travel to India where she goes every year attending courses from different traditions and getting closer and closer to Vipassana meditation. In 2015 she obtained the Sivananda Yoga Teacher diploma. In 2016, she obtained the therapeutic yoga diploma for the regulation of the endocrine system. In 2017, she obtained a third diploma in multistyle (hatha yoga and vinyasa flow). She attended two years at the shiatsu school I.R.T.E. (Institute of Energy Research and Therapies) to become a Shiatsu practitioner. She attended the Anusara yoga training program for two years at Atma studio in Bologna, obtaining a fourth diploma and acquiring the tools for teaching the Anusara Elements method. She has been teaching regularly since 2015 at Yoga In Centro.