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Family Yoga (parent + child* from 1 to 3 years) cultivates the parent-child relationship using the body, in a welcoming and light environment that encourages socialisation between children and between adults.

Yoga, for this age group, is proposed in the form of play and used as a tool to encourage bonding and listening to the sensations of the body, oneself and one’s child.

The meetings have a basic structure that may vary according to the needs of the children, parents and group. They will consist of an initial welcoming ritual, get-to-know-you games, contact games, couple games, singing, movement, breathing, relaxation, massage.

In time, it will be possible for mothers to practice some asanas together with their son/daughter or to dedicate their own space while the child observes or plays with the other children.

A presentation will be held on Sunday 8/10 at 10.30-11.30 am. The fee for the presentation is Euro 10.

The course will be held on Wednesdays from 5-6 pm on the following dates:

18 October , 25 October, 8 November and 15 October

The contribution for the course is Euro 50

For info and bookings:

339 4470332 (Elisa)


From October every Friday music therapy course for children:
Musicami course (0-3 years) on Fridays from 4.20 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Popular choir course on Fridays from 5.15 p.m. to 6.15 p.m. (6-9 years old)

MUSICAMI 0-3 years👶

Our lessons will take place within an atmosphere of suspension of verbal language, full of silence and freedom of movement, guided through songs without words and with words towards a musical experience in which the affective relationship, listening, movement and the group will be the foundations for encouraging musical learning while respecting each child’s learning times.

🎶 DIFFUSED CHOIR 6-9 years old

The aim is to encourage an internalisation of the musical skills acquired through a learning process that focuses first and foremost on the body and its subtlest expressions: breath, voice, movement; these become music in coordination. This musical knowledge will become a channel for self-expression, for playing with others, for musicality, not to leave music on the score but to make it live within us. Listening, relationship, movement, silence and voice are the didactic tools that make it possible to develop the most important objective: to make music accessible to all children through a profound relationship with it, while at the same time joyfully and pleasurably developing musical skills that will remain for a lifetime.

Lessons will be divided into:

1. Learning a song through active listening (body in motion), recognition of the beats that support the song, recognition of a tonal centre; the songs are intended as musical miniatures, contexts through which new content will be introduced.
2. Approach to the basics of harmony and rhythm through singing
3. Improvisation/skill-building activities/multi-voice singing

For info and booking first trial lesson

Martina Conti 334 3294870 Musicami 0-3
Miriam Buono 327 8161500 Coro Diffuso



Weekend with free classes throughout the day with all Yoga in Centro teachers and external collaborators.

Yoga in Centro teachers and external collaborators offer an event that is completely free and open to everyone.
Come and get to know our centre! Come and try out our activities!
we look forward to seeing you!
You’ll be able to try Anukalana Yoga, Yoga Flow, Hatha Yoga Anusara method, Hatha Yoga Sivananda method, Kashmir Yoga, Iyengar, Postural Yoga, Ashtanga, Pilates, Qi Gong for free.
Saturday 23rd September
9.45 Yoga Posturale with Nunzia
11.00 Yoga Flow with Marina
12.15 Sivananda Yoga with Monica
13.30 Hatha Anusara Yoga method with Monica
15.45 Kashmir Yoga with Federica
17.00 Ashtanga Yoga with Irene
18.15 Pilates with Judith (English)
Sunday 24th September
11.00 Hatha Anusara Yoga method with Lorena
12.15 Qi Gong with Rita
15.45 Yin Yoga with Lorena
17.00 Iyengar Yoga with Eva
18.15 Anukalana Yoga with Elisa
To book a place / to ask for information about courses, times and fees please contact:
♦ For Postural Yoga: Nunzia +39 349 534 0058
♦ For Yoga Flow, Sivananda Yoga and Kashmir Yoga: Monica +39 347 696 1312
♦ For Ashtanga Yoga: Irene +39 338 596 6176
♦ For Pilates: Judith +44 7804 645902
♦ For Hatha Yoga Anusara method and Yin Yoga: Lorena +39 338 496 7172
♦ For Qi Gong: Rita +39 333 290 5418
♦ For Iyengar Yoga: Eva +39 335 695 6516
♦ For Anukalana Yoga: Elisa +39 339 447 0332



Official re-opening


YOGA IN CENTRO is happy to reopen its doors to those who are coming back from holidays, to those who have continued practising with us during this summer, to those we haven’t seen for a long time and who want to come back to practise with us, to those who don’t know us and want to practise in a special place, without competition: no matter your age, no matter your weight, no matter how flexible you are…there will always be a class for you!

Yoga is not a performance but a way of feeling: it is an awareness of one’s body-mind and of the reality that surrounds us.

For any information do not hesitate to contact us:

Monica +39 3476961312
Lorena +39 3384967172




Mat Pilates Classes (in English)

These mat Pilates classes are ideal for everybody, whatever your age, body shape or fitness level and focuses on form, technique and alignment for a full-body, low impact workout. Ideal for people starting Pilates, people returning from injury, or those looking to improve strength, alignment and flexibility. In some classes, small props, such as resistance bands, balls and hand weights are used. This type of class is all about conscious coordination for complete connection between body and mind.


Pilates improves fitness, strength and flexibility

Improves posture and mobility, including flexibility of the spine

Improves overall muscle balance and creates a long and lean muscle tone

Helps those with back, knee, shoulder and hip injuries

Improves stability and alignment of the major joints, reducing occurrences of injuries

Promotes a stronger and supportive core

Improves performance of day-to-day movement and sports

Improves the function of the lungs and circulation

Complements training for athletes and performers

Aids with the prevention of certain health conditions

Helps maintain and improves bone density

Offers a safe and excellent form of exercise for seniors, pre + postnatal women and for a wide range of medical conditions

Stress reduction and detoxification

Focuses on movement and breath, encouraging meditative states

Increases body awareness

Who are these trial classes for?

They are open to anyone, who wants to try the Pilates method and ask questions after the class.

Contribution: €5
Duration: 1 hour

For online reservation and payment:

Who is Judith?

Judith’s love of Pilates started 13 years ago when she suffered back and knee problems from bad posture. She soon recognised the benefits of this exercise system in the changes she experienced in her own body.

In 2012 she qualified with the Balanced Body University in London and has been teaching mat, Reformer and all equipment Pilates ever since in the UK, Malaysia and now in Italy. Today, Judith loves helping people find ease and strength in their bodies, regardless of their shape, age or fitness level. Judith’s classes aim to create a joyful and relaxed experience, while giving clients the motivation to work hard and get the most out of the sessions. Judith
has worked closely with people who have suffered injuries or had cancer. She has experience working with athletes, dancers as well as people who have hyper- mobility syndrome.

Her qualifications include and today she teaches:

– Physical and online Mat and equipment Pilates (both group and private)

– Pre- and post-natal Pilates

– Pilates for seniors – Pilates for those with breast cancer