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Presentation of the route

The teaching of the Andean Tradition has been subdivided by Don Juan Nuñez del Prado – who is the one who has recovered and systematised it in thirty years of work alongside the indigenous masters – into three teaching modules: Phaña (the right side), Chaupi (the middle side), Lloque (the left side).

These three modules form the gateway to the resources and knowledge needed by a Paqo (practitioner of the Andean Tradition) and constitute the Amaru Cycle.
Subsequently, for those who wish to further deepen their knowledge of the tradition, there are two more cycles: the Cycle of the Puma and the Cycle of the Condor. Here we will explore the various possibilities of the Paqo to make use of tradition to intervene in the world around him in a competent and effective manner. The modules of the second and third cycles are the result of work carried out over the last twelve years by Dario Astengo – anthropologist and researcher – in the Peruvian regions of Q’Ero, Ausangate and Titicaca.

Completion of all the modules that make up the Amaru Cycle is necessary for access to more advanced training. (info:

✤ Phaña – The Right Side [17/18 FEBRUARY 2024] – 09.30/18.00 –
Conducted by Simone Giannini – at Yoga in Centro, Florence
Connecting to the energies of the cosmos, transforming heavy energies, initiation into the Inka lineage. In this seminar the techniques of the Phaña, or right side of the tradition, from the teachings of the indigenous master Don Benito Qoriwaman of the Wasau community will be taught. The techniques in this module teach how to effectively connect and enter into relationship with the world of living energies that surround us. Activating the power of Yachay, i.e. knowledge through the direct experience of energy, is the mystical and structural side of the teaching. Through the work of connecting with the energies of the cosmos and by receiving formal initiation into the Inka lineage, one learns to manage and transform the heavy energies, to navigate between the different forms of energy and relationships, and teaches the practitioner to develop a harmonious and personal relationship with the living cosmos, leading him or her to be constantly nourished and empowered.

✤ Chaupi – The Middle Side [23/24 MARCH 2024] – 09.30/18.00 –
Conducted by Simone Giannini – at Yoga in Centro, Florence
Healing through birth, death, the integration of relationships and the power of love with willingness.
In this seminar the techniques belonging to the teachings of the master Don Andres Espinoza of Q’ero will be taught. The practices in this module teach how to activate the ability to heal oneself and others through the cultivation of the Munay, the power of the heart. Chaupi is the part of the tradition most related to healing, and therefore focuses on this life, the reality between birth and death and the energies we share with other human beings, transforming the reality of social relationships into a source of power and healing. Through work on opening and interconnecting energy centres and a sequence of collective practices and energy circles, we will experience the creative and healing potential of integrating ourselves and others.

✤ Lloque – The Left Side – date to be confirmed in April
The help of allies to activate the energetic core of the individual, manifest inner magical potential and transform our reality. In this module, techniques from the teachings of Don Melchor Deza of the Wasau community will be taught. This part of the teaching focuses on the use of energy to transform everyday reality in a concrete way, and is therefore considered the magical and practical side of the tradition. Working from within the human energy structure, the magical and transformative potential of the individual’s energy core is contacted. With the help of intelligent energy forms called allies, it is possible to refine, activate inner energies, and manifest them as true powers, moving energy through sight, voice and movement. After the work of connecting and integrating the energies of the cosmos with the right side, and the development of healing energy and relationships with the middle side, with the left side it is finally possible to acquire tools to manifest all qualities in an individual way, directly from the core of human potential, finally giving body and form to one’s own power personal power.


A professional Shiatsu operator, over the years he has experienced various energetic-spiritual paths, following an existential transformation. Among these, in addition to Shiatsu, the most important and formative have been Astroschamanism with Franco Santoro, Reiki, and finally the Andean Spiritual Tradition, which he has learnt and practised over the last seven years through the teachings of Massimo Romagnolo and Dario Astengo, and also receiving initiations and knowledge from several Andean masters from the Q’Ero nation. It is a learning and research that continues to this day, with the intention, in addition to pursuing personal growth, of supporting and helping people who need it to recover and maintain their energetic, psycho-physical and emotional balance and to follow their own evolutionary path.

Anthropologist, scholar of cosmovision, spirituality and ritual practices of indigenous peoples and archaic or traditional societies. He dedicates his research to the knowledge of living energy through different disciplines and spiritual traditions, discovering and devoting himself above all to shamanic arts. In addition to working with different shamans from various parts of South America, the Amazon from Siberia and the Himalayas, since 2008 he has been particularly dedicated to the Andean spiritual path, in which he was initiated and trained by Juan Nuñez Del Prado, and which he later deepened by travelling and living in the Andes, working directly with dozens of indigenous masters in their communities, receiving all their teachings and initiations from them. Author of the most recent discoveries on the Andean Mystical Tradition, he currently focuses his research in the regions of Q’eros, Ausangate, Cusco and the Sacred Valley of Cusco, the coast and islands of Lake Titicaca. In the course of his constant research, he lives travelling through these indigenous communities collecting teachings and learning the shamanic arts of these traditions.
For more information on Dario Astengo’s activities:


388 568 5064 – Jeremias Gabriel Cornejo –


Yoga in Centro will host the next BRAIN GYM 104 TRAINING course, whose flyer is attached.

With this course you will receive:

16 hours of IN-PRESENCE training, recognised by MIUR (with the possibility of also paying with DOCENTE CARDS)
In-depth knowledge of the 3 DIMENSIONS OF MOVEMENT that activate the learning potential of each person
The HANDBOOK with all 26 movements of BRAIN GYM 104
4 hours of in-the-job training and online supervision
CERTIFICATE from Breakthroughs International

THE COURSE will be held on 2 and 3 MARCH from 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. (with a lunch break from 1 p.m. to 2.30 p.m.).

Need more information? Contact Paola: +39 339 677 4009


Tuesday 16/01/24
Timetable 9.00 pm to 11.00 pm
Anthroposchamanic circle – 1# shamanism and axis mundi – theoretical-experiential – Florence – First cycle of anthroposchamanic meetings –
1# – shamanism and the axis mundi
Anthroposchamanic meetings are spaces for anthropological reflection accompanied by shamanic practices mainly from research carried out by the shaman anthropologists Don Juan Núñez Del Prado (Andean spiritual tradition) and Michael Harner (core shamanism).
Each meeting will deal with a different theme and the first one will be dedicated to shamanism, an over-inflated categorisation today that needs clarity in order to be used with awareness and responsibility. Furthermore, in the same meeting we will delve into the current ‘spirituality without spirits’ and the Axis Mundi, a reality transversal to all shamanic cosmovisions of the world.
Through readings of texts, projections of audiovisual material, shared reflections and active practices, the aim will be to allow ourselves to be influenced by the anthropological images provided, to launch ourselves beyond the boundaries of known interpretation and to open up to spaces of direct experience with shamanic techniques.
📚 Main reference biography for the first meeting: “Shamanism and techniques of ecstasy by Mircea Eliade”. , “Jung and Shamanism” by Michael Smith and “The Seed of the Inca” by Roberto Sarti.
Meeting times: 21.00/23.00
Cost: 15€ per meeting
Next meetings:
Tuesday 16 January: shamanism and axis mundi
Tuesday 23 January: symbol, image, soul-making and the symbolic imaginal approach
Tuesday 30 January: initiatory rites, rituals, ceremonies and ritual offerings
Tuesday 6 January: hierophanies between sacred and profane
Tuesday 13 January: illness and healing from a ‘shamanic’ perspective
Meetings led by Jeremías Gabriel Cornejo, who began his journey in Andean Spiritual Art with Massimo Romagnolo, an Italian researcher who initiated him into the lineage of the Q’ero, the last custodians of the millenary Inca wisdom.
He currently continues his training with anthropologist Dario Astengo who, in addition to having worked with various shamans from various parts of South America, the Amazon, Siberia and the Himalayas, since 2007 has been particularly dedicated to the Andean spiritual path, in which he was initiated and trained by Juan Nuñez Del Prado, and which he has subsequently deepened by travelling and living in the Andes, working directly with dozens of indigenous masters in their communities, receiving from them all their teachings and initiations.


Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 January throughout the weekend

Wellness Weekend
Treatments at a promotional rate

With Rita Berni

PROMO treatments Euro 30 instead of 40
Plantar reflexology and cellular memory decoding with Rita Berni

CELLULAR MEMORY is the complete archive of genetic information and data acquired through emotional and intellectual experience. From this information derive the automatic patterns of conduct that prevent us from feeling at peace with ourselves and leading our lives freely. Conscious’ information is only the visible tip of an iceberg. The unconscious information is the invisible, submerged part en is much larger; it is where we find or patterns of our involutional instinctive conduct.

CELL MEMORY DECODIFICATION Allows us to become aware of and neutralise automatic reactions, stress due to traumatic situations and blocked emotions, thus giving us the possibility to act in a new way that is an expression of our essence and uniqueness. It also offers us the opportunity to unlock, activate and enhance our resources and abilities.

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY ON ZON SU It is an ancient art of foot massage whose roots go back to the Ancient Chinese tradition. Its foundations date back to the Masters of pre-dynastic China and its principles are based on the theories of Yin-Yang and the Five Elements. With this method it is possible to rebalance the mind-body unity, activating the person’s Qi (‘the life breath’) and regulating the In and Young system.

Duration: 45 minutes – Contribution: 30 €
For information and bookings +39 347 696 1312


Bioenergetic Exercise Classes
From 9/01/2024
Every Tuesday from 6.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.

What is a bioenergetic exercise class?

• A bioenergetic exercise class is a protected space in which to regain warmth, colour and bodily integrity. Warmth through the awakening of energy (release of tension), colour through the restoration of blood flow in stagnated (greyish) areas of the body, and greater integrity through the integration of parts of us previously removed through muscular tension.

• A bioenergetic exercise class is a protected space to release stress, do inner cleansing and drain emotional waste through a true psycho-body recapitulation practice.

• A bioenergetic exercise class is a protected space where we can explore our relational dynamics and through exercises re-establish new behavioural trajectories.

• A bioenergetic exercise class is a protected space where we can be vulnerable and welcome with what is there, without the need for any performance.

• A bioenergetic exercise class is a protected space where one can have fun and establish relationships within a framework of respect, healthy mirroring, and human depth.

Conducted by Jeremias Gabriel Cornejo, Bioenergetic Practice Teacher graduated from IPSO [Institute of Somatorelational Psychology]. [Istituto di Psicologia Somatorelazionale]

Info and reservations

+39 388 568 5064


Effective parenting course
First meeting free of charge

With Anrcangela Limosani

A course for parents wishing to improve relationships in the family.
How to prevent and manage conflictual relationships at any age.
You can request information and access the first meeting free of charge by sending a WhatsApp message to Arcangela Limosani.

Booking required:+39 393 6724 510


Deep Connection Massage Training
17 November to 19 November 2023
With Lisandro and Lucia
For this 24-hour training (8 hours per day) we offer a discount that has been extended until 3 November.
Euro 380 by 3/11 Euro 450 from 4/11 onwards
Euro 450.
More information:
Lucia: +39 366 335 0265


New mini facial massage course with Gua Sha.

If you are not familiar, Gua Sha is derived from traditional Chinese medicine and is a flat instrument made of polished crystal (such as jade or rose quartz) used on the skin with gentle gliding movements that help remove toxins and release muscle tension, lifting and brightening the skin.

n this 90-minute mini-course you will learn how to correctly perform a complete Gua Sha routine. You will learn how to deflate, sculpt and tone your face by eliminating any stagnation and allowing free flow of circulation You will achieve visible results of a more toned, elastic and radiant complexion. Think of this as a natural face lift.


• Increased circulation, smoother wrinkles, less pronounced under-eye bags and firmer, smoother skin
• Reduces swelling and tones the contours of the face, cheeks and neck
• Stimulates lymphatic drainage
• Allows facial products to be absorbed more effectively by the skin
• Promotes collagen production
• Can reduce acne and skin depigmentation/dark spots
• Leaves skin with a radiant, rosy glow
• Relaxes muscles and relieves tension in the shoulders, neck and jaw.

Who this course is for:
This mini-course is open to anyone who wishes to deepen and expand their skin care routine holistically.

*Participants can purchase a Gua Sha tool at the reduced price of 15 €.

Anti-ageing Meridian Massage

Contribution: 35 € including explanatory pdf to maintain your daily routine.

Last date of the year!

For info and bookings:

335 7869506 (Marina)