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DANSSOUL, Emotional Free Dance

New cycle of meetings starting in SEPTEMBER until DECEMBER one Saturday every three from 5.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.

“The soul is the catalyst that frees the deepest emotions through the body and its movement”.

Release your emotions in complete freedom through dance, free movement and your own rhythm. Take a moment for yourself, get out of rigidities and experience your inner world. Let your body describe who you are through notes and dance.

A cycle of 4 meetings dedicated to the 4 SEASONS:

1 meeting 30 September – SPRING

2 meeting 21 October – SUMMER

3 meeting 11 November – AUTUMN

4 meeting 2 December – WINTER

DansSoul meetings always start with a theme, which is unravelled in a series of meetings that make up a cycle. This cycle allows us, through the freedom of movement of the body, the inner quest and self-knowledge.

The cycle of the 4 seasons aims to immerse us in the journey of our life, in the different passages and experiences of our life journey. In rhythm with each season, with its characteristics and qualities, we will observe how we can be an active part of this evolutionary and experiential growth.

Spring will bring us the joviality and freshness of childhood and youth as it is when the first flowers are born and discover life for the first time.

Summer will bring us the power of manifestation and energy; it is the time of great wholeness.

Autumn will envelop us with a calm air immersed in a more subtle, calm rhythm, in projection towards the interior as it happens in our world when the first leaves begin to fall from the trees.

Then comes winter where the need to look inside becomes primordial, a complete introspection to guard the new seeds that will succeed again in the ‘new’ spring.

What is the DANSSOUL method?

It is a free dance/movement that enables us to connect to our personal energy and soul, using the body as the protagonist.

It is a technique that combines the movement of the body, the beauty of dance with cues from art such as colours, paintings, images, shapes, elements and above all words.

What is the aim of DANSSOUL?

The aim is to help the soul to express itself, giving space to one’s emotions that are often restricted by the rigidities of one’s life, achieving personal, energetic and above all spiritual well-being.

In essence, in DANSSOUL, one always starts with a theme, which is the key to unravelling it and being able to immerse oneself in it, where free movement is the pivot that gives space and visibility to the soul to free one’s emotions, which are often limited, controlled and sometimes, even imprisoned.

What are the benefits after a DANSSOUL meeting?

It allows you to get to know yourself, to be in touch with your emotions. It allows you to (re)know your soul by freeing your body, and to know your body by freeing your soul. The benefits are to (re)connect to your essence, to ‘make presence’ beyond the rigidity of life, taking a moment to feel your inner world.



Theoretical and practical workshop on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Therapeutic Qi Gong, open to women of all ages.
By Dr Amal Oursana

When? SATURDAY 10th June from 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm

The course provides a theoretical explanation of traditional Chinese medicine and practical exercises on female issues of gynecological problems at all ages.

This method allows us to give tools to use on ourselves and others in order to harmonize the elements. It has a depurative action on the liver and blood. It is indicated in women to regulate hormonal and gynecological problems, limiting the signs associated with menstrual irregularities, fertility and menopause.

Qi Gong raises the energy level of the organs and meditation purifies the nerve centers connected to the organs that resonate with our traumas, such as the amygdala and hippocampus.
When we are in stability the spirits of the heart can progress in the right direction with clarity and consistency.

Amal Oursana, graduated in medicine and surgery at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in 2006, specialized in clinical pharmacology in Florence, after spending years in the cardiology department in Modena and in the headache center in Florence, She trained in Taoist Chinese medicine as an acupuncturist and therapeutic qigong instructor. He also took the path into the Sufi Way under the guidance of the Sufi master Sheykh Nazim.

The cost of participation in the seminar is € 60
Reservation required