“Yoga is a complete life.“

To better understand the discipline, we suggest some tips.

If possible, please bring your own yoga mat
We recommend comfortable and light clothing.
Make sure you have been on an empty stomach for at least 2 hours.


Trial class

Please send us a whatsapp to book your space +39 328 9660501

Yoga Sivananda

In the tradition of the Sivananda school the Yoga classes follow a fixed structure.

Iyengar yoga

Iyengar Yoga

IYENGAR Yoga is taught in more than 80 countries and is known all over the world for its seriousness and effectiveness.


Meetings and seminars on the world of Yoga.

Vinyasa Flow

Yoga tantrico

Tantric Yoga

The mental and the body are one and only thing.

Yoga per la schiena Firenze

Yoga for the back

For people with greater back stiffness

Pregnancy and Gentle Yoga