“Yoga is a complete life.“

To better understand the discipline, we suggest some tips.

Please bring your own yoga mat and blanket
We recommend comfortable and light clothing.
Make sure you have been on an empty stomach for at least 2 hours.


Trial class

Please send us a whatsapp to book your space +39 347 696 1312

Yoga Sivananda

A balanced sequence where breath, movement and relaxation are interwoven to regenerate physical and mental energy.

Yin Yoga

A slow meditative practice that works on deep tissues


A path towards balance and inner peace.


Four times a week: Sivananda, Dynamic Hatha, Tantra and Hatha with Alignment.

Tantric Yoga

The mental and the body are one and only thing.

Anusara Elements

Attitude, Alignment and Action are the basis of Anusara to experience stability and freedom.

Gentle Yoga and Pregnancy

An adjusted sequence for pregnancy and for people with greater stiffness.