September 21th at 9.30 pm: Harp Concert with Constance Mattheus


Constance Mattheus is a multi-instrumentalist born on the border between Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. Constance has her own centre in the north of Germany, in Hamburg. Besides working as a music therapist at her centre in Germany, she travels the world as a sound researcher. In her travels through 37 countries, she has come into contact with a variety of musical traditions from different cultures. Her travels and experience have made possible the programme ‘Around the World with the Harp’, which has been presented internationally with live performances in impressive locations, festivals, concert halls, yoga centres, ashrams and churches.

Constance respects the history and origin of every ancient melody, every wise song, every prayer she encounters on her journey. She works with native speakers to ensure that the pronunciation of each piece of music is as authentic as possible. In the next phase, the song is allowed to be deeply felt by the soul and find its personal expression in the harp accompaniment. Some songs are incorporated immediately into the programme, others need years of attention to mature. Constance combines the music of other cultures, her own compositions and the singing of the ‘language of light’. As a powerful and inspiring voice of the growing global community of conscious people, Constance is committed to respectful and peaceful coexistence and the restoration of a balanced relationship with Mother Earth. In this way, Constance expresses her holistic vision and passion through her concerts, workshops, lectures, her therapeutic work as a music therapist and trauma therapist in palliative care, psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine, and her commitment to social and ecological projects.

Concert duration: 90 minutes – Contribution: € 25 (€ 20 for Yoga in Centro subscribers). Visit Constance’s profile 🪽