28 May: Itinerant Kirtan


THE TEAM CINTAMANI YOGA, proposes a special evening dedicated to KIRTAN, in order to spread the powerful magical vibrations of sound inside and outside our yoga room.

WHAT IS KIRTAN? Kirtan is the shared practice of chanting mantras. It brings love and peace everywhere, calms the mind and gives well-being, and helps us find a deep connection.

BENEFITS: Kirtan enhances concentration, intuition and attention. It helps to control and regulate the breath and thus manage emotions. It reduces stress, anxiety and depression by acting on the nervous system. Removes fears, worries by generating feelings of love and compassion towards others. It promotes a perfect balance between mind and body, improving health.

WHAT TO BRING: A desire to be together and to share a joyful practice!

The practice will be led by Team Cintamani Yoga, a group of yoga teachers who share a love for this practice in awareness of the transformative power of vibration. Accompany the yogic practice with the use of chanting and music to go even deeper into working on ourselves.

Duration: 60 minutes – Contribution: Free offer

Info and booking:

Send a WhatsApp to Karuna Shakti +39 392 470 5746
+39 392 470 5746