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Ayurvedic yoga massage (AYM) is a unique system of bodywork that combines deep tissue massage with coordinated breathing and yoga stretching.
Deep tissue massage helps remove knots and adhesions in muscles and soft tissue, releases tension and prepares the recipient’s body for assisted yoga stretching.
This discipline uses passive yoga exercises (stretching) to increase joint mobility and ligament flexibility, making it an excellent tool for motor rehabilitation. It also employs a very ancient technique that uses pressure on the back, arms and legs to relax deep muscles and has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, delaying the ageing process.
Ayurvedic-yoga massage is a more or less gentle manipulation treatment whose purpose is to promote good circulation of vital fluids to keep the body and mind healthy and looking young and healthy. The ayurvedic-yoga massage causes a general feeling of wellbeing that acts on a psychophysical level, above all banishing the symptoms of a stressful and unhealthy life such as anxiety, stomach pains and muscle tension in the neck and back.
The method acts as a complete therapy for the entire body and mind, bringing immediate benefits on a physical, psychological and energetic level.


Family Constellations

FREE MEETING Monday 9 October at 9 p.m.

Family constellations are a method of raising awareness and consciousness of many issues that affect our lives. Through Family Constellations it is possible to bring to light the parts we do not see of situations that block our wellbeing, and through a process of restitution, they are brought back into balance and harmony.
The benefits are many and varied, the first being a feeling of lightness as if a weight has been let go. In the long term, rebalanced situations find a new balance and energy flows back into our lives.

PRACTICAL WORKSHOP Saturday 14 October 2 pm

The topics are very broad: family of origin, love, sexuality and couple relationships, self-fulfilment and success, symptoms and illness, children and parenting.


Contribution 90€ – Limited places

The seminar is led by Kailash Giacomo Vissani, Reiki Master and City of Light Facilitator, Akashic Records Reader, Counselor and Coach.

For info and enrolment:
346 4918211 Kailash –
347 6961312 Monica


From October every Friday music therapy course for children:
Musicami course (0-3 years) on Fridays from 4.20 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Popular choir course on Fridays from 5.15 p.m. to 6.15 p.m. (6-9 years old)

MUSICAMI 0-3 years👶

Our lessons will take place within an atmosphere of suspension of verbal language, full of silence and freedom of movement, guided through songs without words and with words towards a musical experience in which the affective relationship, listening, movement and the group will be the foundations for encouraging musical learning while respecting each child’s learning times.

🎶 DIFFUSED CHOIR 6-9 years old

The aim is to encourage an internalisation of the musical skills acquired through a learning process that focuses first and foremost on the body and its subtlest expressions: breath, voice, movement; these become music in coordination. This musical knowledge will become a channel for self-expression, for playing with others, for musicality, not to leave music on the score but to make it live within us. Listening, relationship, movement, silence and voice are the didactic tools that make it possible to develop the most important objective: to make music accessible to all children through a profound relationship with it, while at the same time joyfully and pleasurably developing musical skills that will remain for a lifetime.

Lessons will be divided into:

1. Learning a song through active listening (body in motion), recognition of the beats that support the song, recognition of a tonal centre; the songs are intended as musical miniatures, contexts through which new content will be introduced.
2. Approach to the basics of harmony and rhythm through singing
3. Improvisation/skill-building activities/multi-voice singing

For info and booking first trial lesson

Martina Conti 334 3294870 Musicami 0-3
Miriam Buono 327 8161500 Coro Diffuso


New mini facial massage course with Gua Sha.

If you are not familiar, Gua Sha is derived from traditional Chinese medicine and is a flat instrument made of polished crystal (such as jade or rose quartz) used on the skin with gentle gliding movements that help remove toxins and release muscle tension, lifting and brightening the skin.

In this 90-minute mini-course you will learn how to correctly perform a complete Gua Sha routine. You will learn how to deflate, sculpt and tone your face by eliminating any stagnation and allowing free flow of circulation. You will achieve visible results of a more toned, elastic and radiant complexion. Think of this as a natural face lift.


• Increased circulation, smoother wrinkles, less pronounced under-eye bags and firmer, smoother skin
• Reduces swelling and tones the contours of the face, cheeks and neck
• Stimulates lymphatic drainage
• Allows facial products to be absorbed more effectively by the skin
• Promotes collagen production
• Can reduce acne and skin depigmentation/dark spots
• Leaves skin with a radiant, rosy glow
• Relaxes muscles and relieves tension in the shoulders, neck and jaw.

Who this course is for:
This mini-course is open to anyone who wishes to deepen and expand their skin care routine holistically.

*Participants can purchase a Gua Sha tool at the reduced price of 15 €.

Anti-ageing Meridian Massage

Contribution: 35 € including explanatory pdf to maintain your daily routine.

Next and last date of the year in November.

For info and bookings:

335 7869506 (Marina)