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Two special practices!

Gong Bath


Yoga with Gong Bath

Sunday 3rd of April at 10.30am and at 5pm

The Gong Bath is an energetic treatment, a physical and spiritual re-balancing, through which everyone has the opportunity to immerse themselves and be lulled by the power of re-armonizing sound vibrations.

Through the sounds produced by the various harmonic instruments (Planetary Gongs, Tibetan Bells, Tingsha, Hangdrum, Koshi and other ancestral instruments) you are accompanied within yourself, getting in contact with your essence.

Morning 10.30am Gong Bath € 20

Afternoon 5pm Yoga and Gong Bath €25

To book please send an email to or a whatsapp to +39 3384967172


Hawaiian massage

It is also called soul massage. Through a series of long and rhythmic movements, it relaxes the muscles and loosens the joints, resulting at the same time relaxing but also invigorating. It is excellent for circulation. But above all, it aims to restore a balance between body and spirit, giving serenity and care to the person treated with the massage. Duration 1h.

Indian massage

It is a massage in which, during the first part, it is made a light scrub with cotton gloves that removes dead cells and leaves the skin softer. The second part includes a relaxing massage with nourishing oils for the skin. Duration 1h

Californian massage

Relaxation, pleasure, pure well-being, harmony and psycho-physical balance are the characteristics of this massage. The Californian method works on the body to calm the mind, rebalancing the nervous system through manipulations on the lymphatic system and blood circulation. Duration 1h

Bio-emotional Massage

The benefits of this massage include a deep work on the inner emotional balance dissolving accumulated blocks. It leads to a profound relaxation aimed to improvements in subjective well being, mood and emotions Before each massage, a short meditation will be practiced. Duration 70 minutes


Reiki is a Japanese technique, immediate and natural, which allow to rebalance the inner self and regain mental and physical well-being. It aims at reducing stress, relaxing and restoring psychophysical health through the channeling and transmission of Cosmic Life Energy. Duration 50 minutes.