From 16 January Anthroposchamanic Circle – Theoretical experiential pathway

Tuesday 16/01/24
Timetable 9.00 pm to 11.00 pm
Anthroposchamanic circle – 1# shamanism and axis mundi – theoretical-experiential – Florence – First cycle of anthroposchamanic meetings –
1# – shamanism and the axis mundi
Anthroposchamanic meetings are spaces for anthropological reflection accompanied by shamanic practices mainly from research carried out by the shaman anthropologists Don Juan Núñez Del Prado (Andean spiritual tradition) and Michael Harner (core shamanism).
Each meeting will deal with a different theme and the first one will be dedicated to shamanism, an over-inflated categorisation today that needs clarity in order to be used with awareness and responsibility. Furthermore, in the same meeting we will delve into the current ‘spirituality without spirits’ and the Axis Mundi, a reality transversal to all shamanic cosmovisions of the world.
Through readings of texts, projections of audiovisual material, shared reflections and active practices, the aim will be to allow ourselves to be influenced by the anthropological images provided, to launch ourselves beyond the boundaries of known interpretation and to open up to spaces of direct experience with shamanic techniques.
📚 Main reference biography for the first meeting: “Shamanism and techniques of ecstasy by Mircea Eliade”. , “Jung and Shamanism” by Michael Smith and “The Seed of the Inca” by Roberto Sarti.
Meeting times: 21.00/23.00
Cost: 15€ per meeting
Next meetings:
Tuesday 16 January: shamanism and axis mundi
Tuesday 23 January: symbol, image, soul-making and the symbolic imaginal approach
Tuesday 30 January: initiatory rites, rituals, ceremonies and ritual offerings
Tuesday 6 January: hierophanies between sacred and profane
Tuesday 13 January: illness and healing from a ‘shamanic’ perspective
Meetings led by Jeremías Gabriel Cornejo, who began his journey in Andean Spiritual Art with Massimo Romagnolo, an Italian researcher who initiated him into the lineage of the Q’ero, the last custodians of the millenary Inca wisdom.
He currently continues his training with anthropologist Dario Astengo who, in addition to having worked with various shamans from various parts of South America, the Amazon, Siberia and the Himalayas, since 2007 has been particularly dedicated to the Andean spiritual path, in which he was initiated and trained by Juan Nuñez Del Prado, and which he has subsequently deepened by travelling and living in the Andes, working directly with dozens of indigenous masters in their communities, receiving from them all their teachings and initiations.