Music Course for Children


From October every Friday music therapy course for children:
Musicami course (0-3 years) on Fridays from 4.20 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Popular choir course on Fridays from 5.15 p.m. to 6.15 p.m. (6-9 years old)

MUSICAMI 0-3 years👶

Our lessons will take place within an atmosphere of suspension of verbal language, full of silence and freedom of movement, guided through songs without words and with words towards a musical experience in which the affective relationship, listening, movement and the group will be the foundations for encouraging musical learning while respecting each child’s learning times.

🎶 DIFFUSED CHOIR 6-9 years old

The aim is to encourage an internalisation of the musical skills acquired through a learning process that focuses first and foremost on the body and its subtlest expressions: breath, voice, movement; these become music in coordination. This musical knowledge will become a channel for self-expression, for playing with others, for musicality, not to leave music on the score but to make it live within us. Listening, relationship, movement, silence and voice are the didactic tools that make it possible to develop the most important objective: to make music accessible to all children through a profound relationship with it, while at the same time joyfully and pleasurably developing musical skills that will remain for a lifetime.

Lessons will be divided into:

1. Learning a song through active listening (body in motion), recognition of the beats that support the song, recognition of a tonal centre; the songs are intended as musical miniatures, contexts through which new content will be introduced.
2. Approach to the basics of harmony and rhythm through singing
3. Improvisation/skill-building activities/multi-voice singing

For info and booking first trial lesson

Martina Conti 334 3294870 Musicami 0-3
Miriam Buono 327 8161500 Coro Diffuso