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Alessandro Di Quinzio in collaboration with Yoga in Centro 🪷 proposes a WORKSHOP dedicated to learning the VERTICAL SKILL.

We will face together, during the practice, all the fundamental aspects for the achievement of this Skill:
. specific conditioning
. active and passive mobility
. proprioception and perception of one’s body in space
. how to deal with the FEAR of standing upside down
. biomechanics of the ascent to the vertical
. alignments and conscious use of the wall
. progressions

Limited places!

Contribution: € 40

Info and reservations:
+39 347 696 1312


Weekend with free classes from morning to evening.

Yoga in Centro is excited to propose a weekend of free classes to make our centre known and to share our magical space. You are all invited!
Event for old subscribers, new subscribers, those without a subscription, those who know the centre and those who don’t. We are waiting for you and your friends.

If you want to practise in a special place without competition then Yoga in Centro is the place for you! No matter your age, no matter your weight, no matter how flexible you are… there will always be a class to suit you!

Yoga is about becoming aware of your body-mind and the reality around you.


Saturday 13th April:
. 11.00 Yoga Flow with Marina
. 16.00 Qi Gong with Rita
. 17.30 Yoga Anukalana with Elisa
. 18.45 Yoga dolce with Elisa

Sunday 14 april:
. 10.00 Sivananda Yoga with Monica
. 11.30 Hatha Yoga metodo Anusara with Monica
. 16.00 Yin Yoga with Lorena
. 17.30 Hatha Yoga metodo Anusara with Lorena

To book a place / to ask for information about courses, times and fees please contact:

. For Yoga Flow, Sivananda Yoga and Sivananda: Monica +39 347 696 1312
. For Hatha Yoga metodo Anusara and Yin Yoga: Lorena +39 338 496 7172
. For Qi Gong: Rita +39 333 290 5418
. For Yoga Anukalana and Gentle Yoga : Elisa +39 339 447 0332


🕉️ Yoga flow is a dynamic style. Through the synchronisation of breath with movement, it combines a sequence of postures into a single flow. Energetic, it helps to restore fluidity in the body and flexibility.

☯️ Qi Gong: designed to improve our state of health by mobilising our body’s energy, QI (Chi) or vital energy, to heal, revitalise and develop us spiritually. It combines static and dynamic exercises, gentle movements, stretching, self-massage, breathing, visualisation, meditation and relaxation.

🕉️ Anukalana means integration, it is a proposal to the practice of Yoga and Meditation that, based on the ancient tradition of Tantra, integrates rudiments of disciplines that share its aims and principles such as Qi Gong and Tai Chi. It is a practice based above all on fluid movement, which has always been the basis of traditional Indian practices such as dance and martial arts and, of course, Yoga.

🕉️ Gentle Yoga has a very gentle approach. It is suitable for people of all ages, women during pregnancy (from the third month) and those with back pain. The positions will be modified and adapted to the needs of the practitioners using tools (cushions, blocks, blankets, etc.).

🕉️ Hatha Sivananda is a classical style. The sequence is always the same. It is divided into a part dedicated to pranayama (breathing exercises), a second to the sun salutation (dynamic part), a third to a sequence of postures that work the whole body, ending with deep relaxation.

🕉️ Anusara is a method that has no fixed sequence. The whole class is focused on opening and preparing the body to arrive at a final apex posture (more or less complex) in an easy way. A theme is introduced at the beginning of the class and the lesson is very much related to that specific theme. The method is based on universal alignment principles. It is very attentive to anatomy and biomechanics of movement. The Anusara method gives stability and grounding and at the same time freedom and fluidity. The philosophy follows the lineage of non-dual Tantric Shivaism.

☯️ Yin yoga is a very introspective style of yoga. One enters a position slowly and gradually and then holds it for 3 to 5 minutes. This type of practice does not work on the muscles but on the connective tissues. It is inspired by the Taoist principle of Yin and Yang, stimulating the Chinese meridians to encourage the good flow of energy.


Family Yoga (parent + child from 1 to 3 years) cultivates the parent-child* relationship using the body, in a welcoming and light environment that encourages socialisation between children and between adults. Yoga, for this age group, is proposed in the form of play and used as a tool to encourage bonding and listening to the sensations of the body, oneself and one’s child.
The meetings have a basic structure that may vary according to the needs of the children, parents and group. They will consist of an initial welcoming ritual, get-to-know-you games, contact games, couple games, singing, movement, breathing, relaxation, massage. In time, it will be possible for mothers to practice some asanas together with their son/daughter or to dedicate their own space while the child observes or plays with the other children. Everything in its own time, in children’s time!

Info and bookings: +39 3394470332 Elisa



Sunday 14 January from 10.30 a.m. to 12 pm
Gong, Sound Bath and Restorative Yoga
With Elisa and Monica

Friday 26 January from 21.00 to 22.15
Full Moon Gongs
With Elisa

🌕 Celebrate the First Full Moon 2024 with us 🌕

The Gong Bath is a unique, personal and indescribable experience.
During the session using Gongs, Tibetan bells, the rain pole and many other shamanic instruments, you will be immersed in a rich field of harmonic sounds that lead to a state of deep meditative relaxation.

The Gong Bath helps rebalance the subtle energy field.

The powerful vibrations will help you release stress, let your emotions flow and become aware of your needs.

The Gong Bath has regenerating power. Its powerful vibrations cannot leave you indifferent.

Bring a blanket.

Duration: 75/90 minutes – Fee: € 20
For information and bookings

+39 347 696 1312

Restorative Yoga accompanied by Sound Bath and Gongs with Elisa and Monica. Gongs,
Tibetan bells and Yoga at a level suitable for everyone. A fusion of sounds and asanas that will transport you on a unique journey into your deepest being.

Restorative Yoga is a slow-paced style characterised by the use of supports, which works on recovery and relaxation.

Compared to the more dynamic styles, it is also recommended for those who do not habitually practise yoga or who lack flexibility.
It has a slow, meditative approach, characterised by passive postures that are held for extended periods of time.

Restorative Yoga amplifies the benefits of sound.
Sound amplifies the benefits of the practice.

Bring a cover.
Duration: 90 minutes – Contribution: € 25
€ 18 for subscribers

For information and reservations

+39 347 696 1312