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Sunday 14 January from 10.30 a.m. to 12 pm
Gong, Sound Bath and Restorative Yoga
With Elisa and Monica

Friday 26 January from 21.00 to 22.15
Full Moon Gongs
With Elisa

🌕 Celebrate the First Full Moon 2024 with us 🌕

The Gong Bath is a unique, personal and indescribable experience.
During the session using Gongs, Tibetan bells, the rain pole and many other shamanic instruments, you will be immersed in a rich field of harmonic sounds that lead to a state of deep meditative relaxation.

The Gong Bath helps rebalance the subtle energy field.

The powerful vibrations will help you release stress, let your emotions flow and become aware of your needs.

The Gong Bath has regenerating power. Its powerful vibrations cannot leave you indifferent.

Bring a blanket.

Duration: 75/90 minutes – Fee: € 20
For information and bookings

+39 347 696 1312

Restorative Yoga accompanied by Sound Bath and Gongs with Elisa and Monica. Gongs,
Tibetan bells and Yoga at a level suitable for everyone. A fusion of sounds and asanas that will transport you on a unique journey into your deepest being.

Restorative Yoga is a slow-paced style characterised by the use of supports, which works on recovery and relaxation.

Compared to the more dynamic styles, it is also recommended for those who do not habitually practise yoga or who lack flexibility.
It has a slow, meditative approach, characterised by passive postures that are held for extended periods of time.

Restorative Yoga amplifies the benefits of sound.
Sound amplifies the benefits of the practice.

Bring a cover.
Duration: 90 minutes – Contribution: € 25
€ 18 for subscribers

For information and reservations

+39 347 696 1312