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Wellness Weekend
Treatments at a promotional rate
Febbrary Saturday 10 and Sunday 11
throughout the weekend

Saturday: Massage with essential oils and bells with Elisa Guerrini

Sound massage operator with bells and voice trained at La culla del suono. Training in Subtle Aromatherapy with Carla Ribechini (life quality project Italy) and Aromatherapy Massage at the Tuscan Academy of Wellbeing.

Sunday: Shiatsu treatments with Luciana Sabino Zen shiatsu operator.

Trained at the European Shiatsu Institute Florence with a three-year diploma

Duration: 45 minutes – Contribution: 40 €

Info and bookings massage with essential oils and bells: +39 339 621 5556 (Elisa)
Info and bookings Shiatsu: +39 320 606 6377 (Luciana)


Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 January throughout the weekend

Wellness Weekend
Treatments at a promotional rate

With Rita Berni

PROMO treatments Euro 30 instead of 40
Plantar reflexology and cellular memory decoding with Rita Berni

CELLULAR MEMORY is the complete archive of genetic information and data acquired through emotional and intellectual experience. From this information derive the automatic patterns of conduct that prevent us from feeling at peace with ourselves and leading our lives freely. Conscious’ information is only the visible tip of an iceberg. The unconscious information is the invisible, submerged part en is much larger; it is where we find or patterns of our involutional instinctive conduct.

CELL MEMORY DECODIFICATION Allows us to become aware of and neutralise automatic reactions, stress due to traumatic situations and blocked emotions, thus giving us the possibility to act in a new way that is an expression of our essence and uniqueness. It also offers us the opportunity to unlock, activate and enhance our resources and abilities.

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY ON ZON SU It is an ancient art of foot massage whose roots go back to the Ancient Chinese tradition. Its foundations date back to the Masters of pre-dynastic China and its principles are based on the theories of Yin-Yang and the Five Elements. With this method it is possible to rebalance the mind-body unity, activating the person’s Qi (‘the life breath’) and regulating the In and Young system.

Duration: 45 minutes – Contribution: 30 €
For information and bookings +39 347 696 1312


New mini facial massage course with Gua Sha.

If you are not familiar, Gua Sha is derived from traditional Chinese medicine and is a flat instrument made of polished crystal (such as jade or rose quartz) used on the skin with gentle gliding movements that help remove toxins and release muscle tension, lifting and brightening the skin.

In this 90-minute mini-course you will learn how to correctly perform a complete Gua Sha routine. You will learn how to deflate, sculpt and tone your face by eliminating any stagnation and allowing free flow of circulation. You will achieve visible results of a more toned, elastic and radiant complexion. Think of this as a natural face lift.


• Increased circulation, smoother wrinkles, less pronounced under-eye bags and firmer, smoother skin
• Reduces swelling and tones the contours of the face, cheeks and neck
• Stimulates lymphatic drainage
• Allows facial products to be absorbed more effectively by the skin
• Promotes collagen production
• Can reduce acne and skin depigmentation/dark spots
• Leaves skin with a radiant, rosy glow
• Relaxes muscles and relieves tension in the shoulders, neck and jaw.

Who this course is for:
This mini-course is open to anyone who wishes to deepen and expand their skin care routine holistically.

*Participants can purchase a Gua Sha tool at the reduced price of 15 €.

Anti-ageing Meridian Massage

Contribution: 35 € including explanatory pdf to maintain your daily routine.

Next and last date of the year in November.

For info and bookings:

335 7869506 (Marina)